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Lamy Al Star 2022 Special Edition White Silver

January 18, 2022 1 min read

Lamy Al Star Special edition 2022 White Silver Metallic

Lamy Al Star 2022 Special Edition White Silver is the latest addition of the Al Star series.

Each year Lamy produces a Special Edition in Lamy Safari and the Lamy Al Star editions. The ergonomic grip encourages proper finger placement, making this a great handwriting pen for all ages as well as beginners who prefer the Aluminium finish over the Sturdy plastic from the Lamy Safari pens.

Like all other Lamy Al Stars, the pen is made of anodized aluminium body (barrel) and Cap. The Clip is chrome plated and fitted with a polished steel nib.

The Transparent grip has an ink preview window that allows you to see the feed and any ink flow as you write.

Lamy Al Star Pens have an advantage of the Aluminium body that can be engraved making it a gift-able item that can be personalized.

The complete pen weighs 19gms and is presented in the LAMY grey (known as Skeleton) Box.

The Lamy Al Star pen has a converter/cartridge mechanism and is provided with a blue T10 cartridge. A choice to use ink bottle with a Lamy Z24/Z28 converter.

The Al Star Special Edition 2022 White Silver is also available as a Ballpoint as well as a Rollerball.

Made in Germany. 

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