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Ferris Wheel Press 28ml Calligraphy ink Black Masquerade

Experience the highest quality of calligraphy ink with Ferris Wheel Press 28ml Black Masquerade. Transform any wedding invitation, baby shower menu, thank you card, or personalized envelope with a timeless handwriting touch.

Crafted with carefully formulated pigments for a consistent and dependable writing experience, enjoy a reliable result every time. Perfectly suited for all professional applications, add a hint of enchantment with a secret masquerade twist.

Discover the mysterious allure of a glittering black ball, resembling a moonless night in a glittering jewel. Infuse your writing with the essence of extravagant outfits and covert identities with every stroke. Let Ferris Wheel Press take you to the mysterious realm of the masquerade.

 28ml - Black with Silver shimmer

Use with dip pens, brushes, washable instruments only.

Other colours available listed separately