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Ferris Wheel Press 38ml Malibu Blush

The Ferris Wheel Press 38ml Malibu Blush fountain pen ink allows you to express yourself with precision and clarity. Its reliable flow and rich colour will ensure each letter and expression stands out with vividness and vibrancy. Get ready for a writing experience like no other.

Grab your swimsuit and get ready to hit the sun-kissed beaches of Malibu! Ferris wheel Press have crafted most exciting shade of pink, capturing the electrifying energy of California's most iconic beach town. Join Ms. Bear on the last leg of her coastal road trip as she saunters across the sandy shores of the Pacific Ocean. The bottled essence of the Malibu coastline in this vibrant shade of pink will inspire your next seaside escape.

Ink Tone: Vibrant Pink
Characteristics: Energetic, fun, lively, beautiful shading

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