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Ferris Wheel Press FerriTales | Down the Rabbit Hole Ruby Royal Flush

Ferris wheel Press FerriTales | Down the Rabbit Hole is the latest collection added in May 2022 the new FerriTales collection of the finest fountain pen inks.

Captured in the brand new 20ml miniature glass globes, this collection of high quality, richly saturated fountain pen ink features a combination of enchanting shades, premium dazzling shimmers, and captivating sheens that will surely play tricks on your eyes. 

    Ink Tone: Royal Red, Gold Sheen, Gold Shimmer
    Characteristics: High-sheening, rich, saturated, bewildering, fantastical, jewelled

    Notable design details:

    • Interior bottle opening: 10mm wide to fit a variety of writing instruments
    • Sampled from the very same paint used to paint the roses in the Red Queen’s Garden
    • Grab a paintbrush and join the painting party - the white roses must all be red before the queen arrives!
    • Can you spot all the fanciful beasts creeping around the garden? Winged-nuts and flywheel flies flutter through the bushes, while a millilitre worm creeps delicately around teacup rims.
    • The white rabbit dashes through the underbrush - where is he going and where has he been?