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Monteverde Ink Gift set of 10 - CORE

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Monteverde Ink Gift set of 10 - CORE  is available in a wide spectrum of nature-inspired colors.

Each ink is carefully crafted for use in your favorite fountain pens using ITF technology; aiding in maintenance by improving ink flow and extending cap-off time, all the while lubricating your fountain pen feeding system. Included in this gift box is a representation of the Core Collection, our top 10 favorite colors.

  • Midnight Black: Powerful, honest and sophisticated, this true black is a classic choice, no matter the occasion.
  • Blue/Black: A perfect mixture of light and dark, this hue embodies truth, mystery and confidence.
  • Yosemite Green: Representing life, growth and renewal. Your mind will take you to this amazing wonder.
  • Caribbean Blue: Reflecting the sky and sea, this hue enables relaxation and balance.
  • Malibu Blue: Dynamic and engaging with positive effects on the mind, you’ll find yourself caught up in fantasy and celebrity.
  • Purple Reign: Vibrant and eye-catching, you’ll speak your mind loud and proud with this encouraging, ambitious shade.
  • Valentine Red: Packed with emotion and linked to our most primitive needs, you’ll tap into desire and love.
  • Brown Sugar: Wholesome, healing, and all natural, you’ll find that your communications will be grounding all year.
  • Napa Burgundy: Dark and passionate, you can increase you self-preservation, boost your energy and your willpower as you write with this passionate hue.
  • Mandarin Orange: Illuminate the mind, spark your creative side, and find your inner determination with this joyful and enthusiastic shade.

Each ink is made with Monteverde USA’s European ink treatment formula (ITF), which drastically improves ink-flow quality, extends cap-off time, and lubricates and protects the ink feeding systems from corrosion or clogging.