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Platinum Limited Edition Maki-e Procyon

Brush Warbler on Plum Tree
Plover on the Wave

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Platinum Limited Edition Maki-e Procyon fountain pens are available in two beautiful designs. The Brush Warbler on the Plum Tree and the Plover on the Wave.

Platinum Procyon fountain pens are named after the constellation Canis Minor's brightest star one of the 21st magnitude stars. Each Platinum Procyon fountain pen features Platinum's popular "Slip &Seal" mechanism and a resilient, flexible stainless steel nib.

The newly designed feeder helps you fill your pen when only a small amount of ink is left in the bottle, without having to submerge the entire nib.

The aluminum barrel and resin section work together to create a comfortable balance in the hand. The Platinum Limited Edition Maki-e Procyon fountain pen is a great choice for pen lovers and a great gift!

Comes enclosed in a Gift Box

Made in Japan.