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Platinum Plaisir 10th Anniversary Fountain Pens

Country Sunshine
Morning Glow
Venus Belt

To celebrate 10 years, Platinum has released 3 new and limited colors to the Plaisir family.

The Plaisir fountain pen is made of aluminum. Its shiny colorful body has a superior scratch-resistant finish due to its special anodized coating. The Plaisir is perfect for anyone who appreciates the quality and craftsmanship that you come to expect from Platinum Pens.

Available in 3 colours:

TheCountry Sunshine expresses a mystic scenery of the lush green grass with drops of water dew in the gold light of morning. The light sparkling in the morning at the beginning of a new day will make you feel refreshed.

The Morning Glow expresses the early morning, the sky takes on vivid red hues with the rising glow of the Sun. Despite its gentle light, is power that illuminates the Earth makes you feel the breath of nature filled with vitality and joy.

The Venus Belt – the pink/purple band in the sky above the earth’s shadow before dawn known as the Belt of Venus creates a magical atmosphere with its colors reflecting off clouds.

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