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Pen Refills and inks, cartridges are all available at our online store and at the local store from all brand pens we carry.

Pen Refills are the essential of the pens whether it is a fountain pen, a Ballpoint pen or a rollerball.

The Ballpoint pens are the most ordinary marketing items widely used by almost every business. Pens can be used to endorse a cause or a brand and therefore are very flexible.  While in the case of a fountain pen you can fill up more ink as and when it gets over this is not probable with ball point pens as once the ink is over you have to fling the pen away. Till a few decades back disposing the pens was the only choice writers had. Most pen refills are now available in Rollerball pen refills and Ballpoint Refills.

Most companies have their own refills, cartridges and inks. Examples are LAMY refills that are produced in Germany to the highest quality standards.

Pens Refillshas another advantage also which is that they are easier to carry around than ink bottles. They can be simply packed in bags, brief cases and purses. Platinum Refill and cartridge are Free-flowing, smooth writing ink with no feathering. Preppy inks comes 2 cartridges per pack. 

Rollerball Refills from FABER-CASTELL contains water-based black rollerball ink that flows smoothly and dries quickly for an enjoyable writing experience

We offer a wide selection of gel pen refills, ballpoint pen refills, Rollerball refills, ExtraBold point refills etc.

Pens Refills Canada - available for all kinds of pens like Lamy refills, Lamy Ink, Montblanc refills, Parker pens refills, Cross refills etc. Check from Blesket Canada Online for all Refills, Cartridges, inks, pencils leads and converters.

Below are the few facts to keep in mind while purchasing them:

  • Create sure that you get them from consistent websites
  • Browse around to know the price of different brands of refills
  • Check out with friends and family before purchasing
  • Check the testimonials in the website to see what previous customers say about the products
  • Ensure that the refills have good excellence ink

Inks and Namiki cartridges from Pilot are also very popular and they are some of the best selling in the market. Kaweco Cartridges are also popular and their compatibility with European standard cartridges makes them a great choice. Pen refills are available in different colours like blue, black and red which are fairly common and some rare colours like turquoise, green, pink, orange, yellow and purple. Ball point’s pens offer effortless writing and let you enjoy your writing. For this reason purchasing their refills allows you to extend the life of your pen to a considerable amount of time and makes writing a task you enjoy.

The rollerball pens, fineliner, ballpoint pens and propelling pencils in the Graf von Faber-Castell collection have been designed to take internationally available refills and leads of standard size.
If you are looking to purchase Pen refills for Ballpoint and Rollerball in Canada, check us out at Blesket Canada online, send us an email or visit our Brick & mortar store.  Ballpoint Refills  or Rollerball refills available Online at Blesket Canada.