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Ferris Wheel Press 28ml Calligraphy ink Celestial Soiree

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Achieve a timeless, professional look for all your creative projects with Ferris Wheel Press 28ml Calligraphy Ink Celestial Soiree. Featuring the finest pigments and carefully formulated for a reliable writing experience, our ink is perfect for crafting wedding invitations, baby shower menus, thank you notes, personalised envelopes, and more. Create with confidence knowing the quality of your calligraphy will withstand the test of time - and the postal system.

Experience the ethereal beauty of a midnight garden as you write with this brilliant navy blue, evoke the magic of a starlit night with each stroke, and infuse your creations with the romance of forgotten wishes. Make your invitations and paper stationery shine with this exquisite shade and savor every luminous moment.


Use with dip pens, brushes, washable instruments only.

Other colours available listed separately