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Sailor Professional Gear Fountain Pen - Cocktail Series - Gin Martini


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Sailor Professional Gear Fountain Pen - Cocktail Series - Gin Martini is part of the 2022  Sailor Cocktail Exclusive Set .

The Sailor Cocktail Set is a classy combination of gin cocktail-inspired colours, from the greens of Around the World, the lavender colours of Violet Fizz, the bright blue of Blue Train, the rich orange of Argentina, and the smoky white of the classic Gin Martini.

The Fountain Pen in the Gin Martini comes with a 21K gold nib guaranteed to give you a delightful, luxurious writing experience.

The Sailor Pro Gear fountain pen in the Gin Martini colours, is from the 2022 Sailor Cocktail series, and has a resin body and cap made of muted shades of frosty white, lime green and red top cap, inspired by its namesake drink.

  • Limited Edition production for worldwide distribution
  • Nib: 21K Gold with Gold plating 
  • Includes an Ink Converter and an Ink Cartridge
  • Instructions Manual included
  • Gift Packaging Box included