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Sailor 1911S Shikiori 5th Anniversary Minori Limited Edition Set

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Sailor 1911S Shikiori Fountain Pen Set is a limited edition set to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Shikiori series. 

The design of this pen depicts the scenery of rice paddies whose colors keep changing throughout the four seasons. The shape is reminiscent of a single grain of glossy rice, and the coloring is based on the image of fresh rice and rice ears. “Minori” means bountiful harvest in Japanese.


  • Nib - 14k Medium Fine
  • Type - Converter & Cartridge Type
  • Material - PMMA (Acrylic), Gold IP
  • Size - 135mm x 17mm
  • Weight - 16.6g
  • Packaged set (Pen/ink bottle/converter/warranty manual)