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Duraflex Endless Summer Ltd Edition Set FP/BP

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  • Fountain Pen with Omniflex Nib & Matching Ballpoint 
  • Relive your vacation memories with the new Endless Summer, Conklin’s latest Duraflex limited edition series. The well-balanced fountain pen and twist ball pen offer a fresh style while paying tribute to classic designs of yesteryear. The Duraflex is machined to perfection in handmade multi-hued resin and stunning rose gold trim including the responsive Omniflex nib.
  • The nib is hand-fitted to each pen, precisely cut for maximum performance with every stroke. Whether taking notes or sketching your next big idea, the nib will flex to meet your movements, resulting in thick or thin lines that resemble calligraphy.
  • One of a kind with a limited number run of 1898 pieces available for the fountain pen and 898 for the ballpoints, Endless Summer™ is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one who appreciates the value of fine writing instruments.
  • Very limited.
  • Cartridge/converter fill.