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Ferris Wheel Press FerriTales | Once Upon a Time - Sugar and Spite (NEW)

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Ferris wheel Press FerriTales Sugar and spice is a 2023 collection with Bright purple with Duo chrome pink shimmer ink tone and its Characteristics are Vibrant, playful, adventurous, confident.

Amidst the trees, a peculiar house crafted entirely of sugary substances hides a dark secret. Pumpkin and Patch, captivated by its enchanting sweetness, set foot within, only to discover the dangers lurking behind its sugary walls.

With courage and conviction, they unveil the identity of the Witch, their journey leaving a shimmering reminder of how creativity and bravery can bring powerful stories to life. Notable features: Take a close look through the candy windows, where Pumpkin and Patch have ventured into the Witch’s abode.

Crafted with tongue-tingling sweets, can you spot your favorites?

Themed treats of Ferris Wheel Press and its stationery-infused lollies and FWP dragées can be seen.

Peering through the other window reveals a preheated wood oven - is that dinner or dessert cooking?