Bathurst Blue Denim
Queen Allium
Spadina Rose
Moonlit Jade
Sunlit Jade
Stroke of Midnight
Royal Rhubarb
Peter Moss
Lady Rose
April Showers
Double Raspberry
Frivolous Lime
Main St. Marmalade
Three Steamboats
Goose Poupon
Pepermint Drop
Wonderous Winterberry
Jelly Bean Blue
Edwards Garden
Moss Park Green
Grace Ice Pop
Tanzanite Sky
Misguided Mistletoe
Beaver Dam Brown
Freshly Squeezed Sunshine
Sweet Honeydew
Autumn in Auburn
Little Robinia
Pink Eraser
Mirror Mirror of Moraine
Strawberry Macaron
Cream of Earl
Candy Marsala
Bluegrass Velvet
Storied Blue
Dusk in Bloom
Algonquin Maple
Buttered Popcorn
Definitely Peachy
Morning Side Mint
Blue Cotton Candy
Sparkling Champagne
Wonderland in Coral
Pumpkin Patch
Madam Mulberry

FERRIS WHEEL PRESS Fountain Pen Ink is water-based and are compatible with all fountain pens.

The Ferris Wheel Press inks in 38ml bottle is rich and comes in a glass bottle featuring the hexagonal brass nut cap.

FERRIS WHEEL PRESS Fountain Pen Ink is carefully crafted in distinct colours that will spur excitement, creativity, and a feeling of absolute joy every time you write.

The circular ink bottle reminds us that ideas and creativity are always continuous and ever-flowing, keeping us young at heart. 

Made in Canada.