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Graf von Faber Castell Snakewood Limited Edition

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Snakewood is one of the most strikingly grained noble woods, and is the wood used in a limited edition of our Graf von Faber-Castell Classic Line, from which everything started more than 20 years ago. 

It is very slow growing, and only the core of this family of woods native to Brazil has this characteristic grain pattern - mottled like a snakeskin.

The fountain pen is characterised by its nib created almost exclusively manually in over 100 steps, and finally inscribed by hand. 

The combination of 18-carat gold with silver-coloured rhodium, and the exceptionally polished iridium tip ensures that felicitous interplay of softness, hardness, tension, and elasticity which in the end constitutes the pleasure of writing.

Exclusive edition is limited to 1,761 pieces 

  • Barrel made from reddish-brown veined snakewood
  • Cartridge/converter system
  • handmade bicoloured 18-carat gold nib with iridium tip
  • Nib manufactured involving over a hundred steps mostly carried out by hand
  • Each nib is run in by hand
  • Available nib widths are M (medium), F(fine), EF (extra fine) and B (broad)