Jacques Herbin Flacon Fountain Pen ink 50ml

Gris de Houle
Verte Amazone
Noir Abyssal
Violet Boreal
Bleu Austral
Bleu de Minuit
Rouge D'orient
Ambre de Baltique
Orange Soleil

Jacques Herbin Flacon ink 50ml available in Vibrant colours.

Without overload or artifice with a sober and elegant brightness, Jacques Herbin inks (Made in France) echo the shades of watercolours. They are the accomplices of any amateur or connoisseur of the arts of pen and graphic arts, artists, and travellers.

  • Fountain Pen friendly
  • 50ml bottles
  • 10 colors available
  • Non-toxic, pH neutral
  • Water based, all natural dyes, flows smoothly
  • Made in France