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Kaweco Collection Fountain Pen Iridescent Pearl


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The Kaweco Collection Fountain Pen Iridescent Pearl  in an unimagined variety of colors: depending on the perspective of the viewer and the incident light, the writing instrument shines in a uniquely changing color scheme. Imitating the optical effect of mother-of-pearl, the translucent material of the fountain pen shimmers in colors from green-bluish to pink.
The packaging of the fountain pen is designed with an iridescent foil. The optics mimic the streaks caused by the pigments in the plastic, contributing to the unique look of the pen. The lettering, logo cap and the nib are silver and pick up on the cool tones of the pen.

The fountain pen becomes individual with the choice of your desired nib in the sizes extra fine (EF) to extra wide (BB). All nibs, as well as the fountain pen itself, are made in Germany. 

The pen comes with a royal blue ink cartridge.

A mini converter and clips in gold, silver, bronze and black to slide on are available (sold separately).

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