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Platinum #3776 CENTURY Chenonceau White/Laurel Green 14kt gold nib

Color: Laurel Green/Gold trims

Inspired by the Chateau de Chenonceau in Loire in France, also known as the “castle of six ladies,” which was owned and loved by six noblewomen through the centuries, the new color Chenonceau White expresses the image of the white, elegant look of the castle. Its soft ivory color matches well with the gold finish, highlighting its grace. Being constructed over the river, the chateau and the waters create an exceptional scenery, which we believe suites the image of the #3776 series that retains moisture of the ink over time thanks to the Slip & Seal Mechanism. It is our hope that the elegant and luxurious Chenonceau White color, which was created in pursuit of a white tone that can be well-received both by men and women, adds a distinctive presence in your life.

Laurel Green is a fountain pen for winners. Laurel tree has been regarded as a symbol of victory and glory since ancient times. The wreath made from its leaves and branches was given particularly to crown exemplary litterateurs such as major poets who served the king. Likewise, gold is also the color of the medal given to honor individuals for their highest achievement. Therefore, this fountain pen that combines laurel green and gold colors is the most suitable piece that symbolizes honor, glory and victory while increasing your status and power by continuously creating a culture. The Laurel Green fountain pen conveys our hope to support you in opening a way to new future and winning glory.

"Slip & Seal Mechanism” is applied for our “#3776 CENTURY” series that prevents ink from drying out in the pen with a complete airtightness, thereby allowing those who only use the pen once or twice a year to write with fresh new ink.

  • Specifications:    Barrel, casing, grip, crown, decoration: AS resin
    Grip ring, gold ring, upper ring, rear ring: Gold plating on brass
    Clip: Gold plating on beryllium copper, 
    Grip ring, gold ring, upper ring, rear ring: Gold plating on brass
  • Clip: Gold plating on beryllium copper
  • Pen nib:14K gold wide (14-26), Ultra extra fine,Extra fine,Fine,Soft fine,Medium,Broad,Extra broad
  • Size:139.5 mm (full length) × 15.4mm (max. diameter)
  • Average weight 20.5g