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Platinum Chou Kuro Black - Gift Set ink bottle 60ml

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Platinum Chou Kuro Black - Gift Set ink bottle 60ml contains the blackest ink ever created from Platinum in over 100 years.

The Platinum Chou Kuro Black ink was created with the ambition of crafting the best possible black ink for fountain pen use. Its distinct black color is produced by pigment particles reacting with the mineral content of the paper as the pen moves across it. Enjoy a more vivid black than ever before; for over a century, Platinum has been engineering this remarkable ink, and Chou Kuro is 46.8% darker than Carbon black. Additionally, the ink is water-resistant and fade-resistant.

Tip: when using Platinum Chou Kuro Black ink, do not let the ink dry into the pen. Flush it out regularly. Purified water is the best to use Chou Kuro ink as tap water reacts with different minerals making it difficult to remove the stains. OR you may designate one pen for use with this ink.

The Set consists of:

  • Chou Kuro bottle ink with an ink reservoir
  • 1 Silver Converter
  • 1 Bottle Purified Cleaning Water (250ml)
  • 1 Cleaning Dropper
  • 1 Instruction manual