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Private Reserve Pearlescent Ink 60ml - Blue Silver

Private Reserve Ink introduces 6 brand new holographic silver spectrum colours: 
  • Pearlescent Black-Silver
  • Pearlescent Blue-Silver
  • Pearlescent Red-Silver
  • Pearlescent Orange-Silver
  • Pearlescent Turquoise-Silver
  • Pearlescent Violet-Silver

Rediscover the visible electromagnetic range with these new Pearlescent-Silver fountain pen inks. Feel the silver-infused liquid flow out of a fountain pen illuminating your thoughts with a luxurious touch.

Experience empowering energy with every new letter you write as your fountain pen inspires new ideas into fruition. Whether, it is a special occasion card, a daily journal, artwork, or an important project, the pearlescent ink will turn it into a marvellous masterpiece.

To achieve this glorious sparkling look the ink is infused with shimmering metal particles that produce the best glittery sheen. For best results, shake the ink bottle very well in an hourglass-like motion before filling. Repeat the same motion for the pen. Turn the pen upside down and back up again every so often to evenly distribute the silver throughout. The ink works great with any fountain pen and all nib sizes. Revolutionize the art of writing! .