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Sailor Pro Gear Sunset Over The Ocean SE 21kt


The new Sailor Pro Gear Sunset Over The Ocean SE 21kt (Yuugure no Umi)  is available in three different sizes: the compact Pro Gear Slim, the full-sized Pro Gear Classic (featured here), and the large size King of Pen. All pens are equipped with preferred choice of solid gold rhodium-plated nibs.

Japanese pen designs often take their inspiration from the natural world, and the Sunset Over the Ocean is a prime example. A deep blue represents the ocean water. Both cap and barrel are infused with silver colour sparkles to represent the setting sun glittering over the waves. The setting sun itself is represented by the red finials on the cap top and barrel.

Sailor Pro Gear Sunset Over The Ocean SE are cartridge-converter pens.  They can fill with any bottled fountain pen ink when fitted with the converter (included), or can also use convenient Sailor brand ink cartridges.

Presentation box including a pack of two cartridges included 

The pen weighs approx. 24.5 g