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Kaweco SKETCH UP Corrector brass 5.6 mm

Kaweco SETCH UP Corrector brass for unwanted lines. The Kaweco SKETCH UP Corrector is Precise and clean.

With the eraser in the form of a pen, you can erase precisely and accurately. The high quality guarantees an almost residue-free etching. The pleasant weight allows you to optimally control the pressure so that the paper remains undamaged.

Spare erasers are available in a set of 3. Sold separately.

The Sketch Up Corrector can also be used as a mechanical pencil. When switching between graphite leads and eraser cord, its recommend a thorough cleaning. 

Kaweco SKETCH UP clutch pencil 5.6 mm are available in Brass, Satin Chrome, Brilliant  (more shiny than Satin Chrome) and Black. (These are featured separately).

Material: Brass