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Kaweco Supra

Color: Brass

The historic Kaweco Supra was, then, as now, a quick-change artist. Based on the Liliput design, the "big brother" was created in 1920 as a variably adjustable fountain pen. With various screwing options, such as with or without an adapter, the weight and length of the fountain pen can be individually adapted to each hand.

The large nib gives it drama and a unique writing experience. The well-known Eco Brass - brass from Wieland Werke in Ulm - is lead-free. As is usual with brass, you can notice a change during use. Over time, the pen will develop its own patina. The stainless steel Supra and the hand-blued Fireblue version based on it are also "made in Germany". Due to the heavy weight of the model, the writing instrument presses lightly on the paper by itself. This enables you to write particularly long and comfortably.

You can choose from five spring sizes. The springs made in Germany are available in thicknesses from extra fine to extra wide. Thanks to the screw mechanism, the existing spring can also be replaced at any time.

A bronze clip is available as a pretty accessory and for a good hold.