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Do people still use fountain pens?

August 18, 2023 3 min read

Do people still use fountain pens?

While they may not be as common as ballpoint or roller ball pens, fountain pens still have a loyal following as a premium writing instrument. Fountain pens are favoured by many because of their unique writing experience, craftsmanship, aesthetic appeal, and flexibility. 

Advantages that fountain pens offer:

Smooth writing experience

Fountain pens use liquid ink, which flows onto paper more smoothly than ballpoint pens' thick, viscous inks. This can result in a more comfortable, fluid writing experience.  With fountain pens, you do not need to press hard onto the page like you may have to with some ballpoint pens to get excellent ink payoff, reducing hand cramping and fatigue. 

Fountain pens such as the  TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen use a piston filling mechanism, ensuring that the pen works smoothly and effortlessly, making refilling and writing with this pen feel very fluid.

Writing style

Some fountain pen users find that how a fountain pen interacts with paper improves their handwriting and encourages them to be more deliberate with their writing, resulting in neater penmanship.

Kaweco’s STUDENT Fountain Pen has had a strong following among students and writers for decades because of their size and smooth nibs.

Fountain pens are easy to personalize your writing experience

Fountain pens allow users to customize their overall writing experience with different nib sizes and inks.

Fountain pen inks come in a wide range of colours and types, including various shades and specialty inks. The selection of inks can make writing with a fountain pen a more personal experience.

Nibs come in a variety of thicknesses, allowing users to choose the thickness of their lines,  with some brands like Lamy making a nib specifically for left-handed writers.


Most fountain pens are refillable, generating less plastic waste than disposable ballpoint pens. A jar of fountain pen ink with regular use can last a user a very long time, reducing the need for disposable pen refills as well.

The  Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen is a great affordable option that can be used with both cartridges and comes with a  converter so you can use fountain pen inks as well.

Aesthetics and craftsmanship

Many fountain pens are considered works of art, featuring intricate designs, high-quality materials, and impeccable craftsmanship. A lot of fountain pens can be valuable collector’s items and are often appreciated for their aesthetic value, as well as their functionality.

The  SailorManyo Fountain Pen Set #2  Special Edition in Rabbit Ear Iris is an exciting limited colour combination that was created in collaboration with  Manyo inks.


Fountain pens have a long history and are associated with a sense of nostalgia and tradition for many writers. Using a fountain pen can evoke a connection to the past and a slower, more deliberate approach to writing.

Status and prestige

In certain cultures and professional settings, fountain pens are seen as a symbol of prestige and sophistication. They are often given as milestone gifts and can be thoughtfully personalized.

While digital devices and disposable writing instruments have become prevalent for communication and note-taking, many people still appreciate the tangible experience of using a fountain pen. Whether for everyday writing, journaling, calligraphy, or as a collector’s item, fountain pens continue to hold a special place in the hearts of those who enjoy writing by hand.

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