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A Leuchtturm1917 for Every Occasion

When it comes to notebooks, there is one notebook brand that can do it all. The Leuchtturm1917 notebook is used for bullet journaling, everyday life planning, journaling, and note-taking. Leuchtturm's key notebook features include thread-bound pages, page numbering, a blank table of content pages, detachable pages, numbered pages, ribbon page markers and an elastic enclosure to keep everything together. Cover labels for archiving purposes are included.

Leuchtturm1917 does more than just blank notebooks, however. The Leuchtturm1917 new start-up journal is a 15-chapter journal and book designed to help new business owners achieve their dream. With plenty of room for notes and practical templates guided by Tim Jaudszims, author and business angel, this notebook combined with a how-to manual is a great guide for any new business owner.

Eye-catching colours

Leuchtturm1917 notebooks come in a variety of different colours. With options for hard or softcover notebooks, the wide range of thread-bound, flattering shades will inspire creativity no matter what is written inside.

Perfect for fountain pens

All of Leuchtturn1917's notebooks are made with acid-free paper which is great for all types of pens, including fountain pen ink.

Ink-proof paper is so smooth colours stand out

From a gel pen to a fountain pen, to ballpoint pens, no matter the ink type, the colours will pop on the page.

Brilliant colours invite creativity

A notebook book is perfect to use as a personal workbook, an analogue journal, to help recollect dreams, and to quickly jot down ideas and thoughts as they come. From documenting helpful techniques in class to quickly scribbling down spontaneous ideas, notebooks are ideal companions when writing down shopping lists, useful suggestions, and anything else life throws at you. Notes inspire insight when they are organized. The numbered pages that are featured in every notebook make them ideal companions.

From the Master Slim ruled notebook that comes in four colours, to the many other colours that are offered in dotted, graph, and lined journals, Blesket Canada offers hardcover and softcover notebooks, with dotted, lined or graph paper, as well as the start-up journal, jottbooks, notepads all coming with numbered pages and a great writing experience.