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CROSS Pens mission is to create a superior writing experience through innovation design, uncompromised quality and outsanding service.

Cross has been writing their story since 1846. A global leader in the fine writing industry, Cross holds a legacy with premier pens and accessories for customers in 140 countries around the world.

Cross connects people through Personal style and the Art of communication.


Cross pens

Cross pens are a classic writing instrument that still maintains a strong presence in today's world. As America's oldest manufacturer of fine writing instruments, Cross has been creating high-quality writing instruments since 1846. Cross continues to be a popular choice for both personal and professional use. Their sleek designs and reliable performance make Cross one of the most popular manufacturers of pens in North America.

Cross pens have been used by presidents, students, and working professionals worldwide. Known for their reliability, their rollerball and ballpoint pens are great gifts for your pen lover. Many Cross pens can also be engraved, making them a truly special gift to the receiver.

There is a cross pen for every occasion

One of the most notable features of Cross pens is their high-quality materials. They are typically made of metal or resin, providing a durable and long-lasting writing tool. Additionally, Cross pens often feature precious metals such as gold or silver casings, making them a luxury item for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship at a reasonable price.

Classic designs, modern luxury

Another distinguishing characteristic of Cross Pens is their smooth writing experience. The nibs are precision-crafted to provide a consistent and effortless ink flow, resulting in clean and precise lines. This makes them an ideal choice for both everyday writing and professional documents.

A wide range of pens to choose from

Cross offers a wide range of pens, from the classic fountain pen to the reliable rollerball. The finishing touches on Cross pens, such as intricate engravings and gold and silver accent colours, set Cross pens apart from many modern pen manufacturing companies.

Blesket offers some of Cross' most iconic pens, including:

Century II

An updated take on the iconic classic century pen, Century II ballpoints, rollerballs, and fountain pens are well-balanced, easy to refill, and feel sturdy and weighty in the hand.


Inspired by art deco design, the Townsend is a writing instrument that glides across the page. Engraved with beautiful small details, the results are beautiful writing instruments.


Perfect for jotting down meeting notes and signing contracts, a Baily pen sits on many professionals' desks. One of the most popular products Cross offers, Bailey pens, make a great gift for working professionals that enjoy the finer things.

Shop for your next Cross Pen at Blesket Canada

Blesket Canada offers a range of Cross pens and refills. Cross pens offer a comfortable and smooth writing experience that will impress, whether for personal or professional use. With their wide range of designs and materials, there is a Cross pen for everyone.