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Calligraphy pens

Calligraphy pens are commonly used by intermediate and advanced calligraphers. These pens contain changeable nibs and ink cartridges. Calligraphy pens write with nibs that may be flat, round, or pointed. Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing, but the type of script you write can vary greatly.

What is calligraphy

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful, elaborate handwriting or lettering. The art of calligraphy has come a long way. While an old manuscript written on brittle, aged paper may be the image that springs to mind when thinking of calligraphy, the art of calligraphy can be found everywhere.

Calligraphy is created by making different kinds of strokes with varying pressure in order to create different thicknesses of lines. It can be soft and loopy or angular and straight.

If you are looking for a basic pen for school, a calligraphy pen is not the direction you want to go. Pens with a wider nib are not ideal for jotting notes quickly. The art of calligraphy takes time and practice.

What is a fountain pen?

Fountain pens are writing instruments that use metal nibs to apply ink to paper. These pens typically have liquid ink inside them, either in cartridges or from a bottle of ink using Converter.

What is a calligraphy pen?

Calligraphy pens are a category of fountain pen type with broader nibs and flatter edges. Calligraphy pens come in a wide variety of thicknesses and can therefore be used differently than a regular fountain pen.

Best calligraphy pens for beginners

If you want to start with calligraphy, Blesket has covered you. The Lamy Joy Calligraphy pen that comes in a 1.1, 1.5 or a1.9 tip. Another great option is the Kaweco Calligraphy set that comes with1.1 mm, 1.5 mm, 1.9 mm and 2.3 mm nibs.Pitt Artist Pens by Faber Castell are also great for Calligraphy with soft tips and regular tips. Nib holders, such as the J Herbin Nib Holder, are another tool that offers a lot of choice in terms of what nib you use with it, making it a flexible option for anyone who does not mind dip pens.

Calligraphy pen inks

Certain inks are only for dip pens and would not work with regular fountain pens. Some pens, such as the Lamy Joy Fountain Pen and Kaweco Calligraphy pens, can be used with either ink cartridges or a converter for using ink bottles. Brush pens like the Faber Castell Brush Pens and Pitt Artist Pens are filled with ink, as they are basically a type of marker.

Shop calligraphy pens at Blesket

Blesket has a great range of pens for all levels and skill sets of calligraphy. Check out our online store or our brick & mortar store for more information.