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Get into the Art of Calligraphy

January 24, 2023 3 min read

Get into the Art of Calligraphy

There’s something beautiful about hand-written notes. Especially when they are beautifully styled. The dictionary defines calligraphy as “the art of producing decorative handwriting or lettering with a pen or brush,” and like many forms of art, creating it can almost be a meditative experience. 

The flourishes and curls of calligraphy can seem daunting to a beginner but with the right instruction and tools combined with plenty of practice, learning how to produce different forms of calligraphy can be an enjoyable experience. 

You may argue that your cursive handwriting isn’t good enough for you to learn how to produce calligraphy. However, how you dash off a quick note on a post-it has nothing to do with calligraphy. Unlike cursive writing where the pen barely leaves the paper as you write, calligraphy involves paying attention to every stroke as you form each letter. Now that we have that out of the way, read on for our top tips on how to get started.

  1. Faux Calligraphy

You’ll hear the term ‘faux calligraphy’ used a lot when you first get started. In fact, it’s the best way for beginners to start. Faux calligraphy (aka modern calligraphy) simply means starting to learn different calligraphy strokes using a pen or a marker you’re already comfortable with. These J Herbin Calligraphy Markers come with tips in three sizes: 2.5 mm, 3.6 mm and 4.8 mm with fast drying ink so you don’t have to worry about blotches when you’re learning.

  1. Learn the Basics

You can’t run before you can crawl. Calligraphy isn’t so much about knowing your letters as it is about being able to create the right strokes. As you learn the strokes, you’ll discover various intricacies like upstrokes need light pressure while downstrokes need heavy pressure to look good. You’ll also develop the muscle memory you need to draw calligraphy with confidence. Once you have mastered them, you’ll find the process of creating letters so much easier. So, practice your strokes over and over again until they are consistent. 

  1. Paper Matters

You need the right kind of paper to prevent ink from fraying. Heavier paper is generally better for calligraphy. The smoother the paper, the better your strokes will be too – at least when you’re first starting off. Using paper with a grid or lines can help you make sure your strokes and letters are even. The Rhodia Staplebound Dotpad A4 and theSM-LT Calligraphy & Lettering Start Pad are great options to start your calligraphy journey with.

  1. Moving on to Brush Pens and Ink Pens

Once you’re comfortable with creating strokes and letters, its time to move on to using calligraphy pens. Calligraphy pens are a category of fountain pen type with broader nibs and flatter edges. You may want to first start using those that come with ink cartridges like the Lamy Joy Calligraphy Aluminum Fountain Pen or the Tamitio Fountain Pen Calligraphy Set that comes with nibs of three different sizes. You can also consider using brush pens like this Platinum Souhitsu Double Sided Brush Pen.

  1. Dip Pens 

Dip pens are also known as pointed pens. You simply dip them in ink as you write. Many calligraphy artists prefer them as the interchangeable nibs make it easy to create art as you go along. The ease of changing ink colours is also a part of their appeal. The Brause Calligraphy Drawing and Writing Set comes with flexible and near-rigid writing nibs so you can create a wide variety of strokes and hold an impressive amount of ink with every dip.

Getting started with calligraphy requires dedication and patience but is extremely rewarding. Let us know how your journey goes!

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