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The Go to Bottled Fountain Pen Inks

February 07, 2023 3 min read

The Go to Bottled Fountain Pen Inks, Blesket Canada

Fountain pens are beautiful. There’s an almost inexplicable joy you get when writing with one. Perhaps it’s because of how they look, or maybe it’s that perfect grip, or maybe it’s the smooth-scratchiness of the nib on paper. And naturally, there’s the inks themselves. You have a whole array of colours that a rainbow would be jealous of. Additionally, different characteristics like wet or dry inks, shimmer inks or permanent inks suit different purposes. With such a wide range, it can be hard to choose the perfect ink. Read on for our top picks for the best bottled fountain pen inks.

  1. Wet Inks

Umm… Aren’t all bottled fountain pen inks liquid, and therefore wet? Yes, true but some inks are wetter than the others. Wet inks tend to flow more freely than others, so your writing feels saturated with colour. Wet inks are also often good shading inks. As they take longer to dry, left-handed people need to be extra-careful while writing with them to avoid smudging. Wet inks tend to work well with extra fine, fine, or medium nib sizes for writing.

Diamine Inks Autumn Oak:This ink is a wet ink that is ideal for shading. The gorgeous orange colour stands out on paper. 

Ferris wheel Press Fountain Pen Ink - Edwards Garden:This ink is highly saturated in colour. It flows easily from your pen in a gorgeous teal colour. The high saturation means it’s a better ink for writing as opposed to shading. It’s very wet, so take care to pair it with the right pen and nib. 

  1. Dry Inks

Dry inks are more viscous than wet inks, so their flow is slower than wet inks. Dry inks are a great option for people new to using fountain pens as they are less prone to ghosting, feathering, or bleeding even if you write with a heavy hand. They also work well with wet fountain pens (pens that have a higher ink flow for a smooth writing experience).

Noodlers Polar Brown & Black:These are some of the fastest drying inks on the market today. They dry almost instantly on most types of paper and work with any kind of nib. The great thing about them is that they are well lubricated, so you don’t have to worry about them clogging up your pen despite them being dye based inks.

Lamy Bottled Ink - Blue/Black:Not as fast-drying as the Noodler, but still quite impressive. It works well with wet fountain pens, countering their feathering effects. If you have a Lamy fountain pen, this is a great first ink to start with. 

  1. Shimmer Inks

Like the name suggests, shimmer inks give your writing a sparkle. They consist of small particles of gold or silver suspended in the inks and are designed to work without clogging your fountain pen up. Although giving your fountain pen a good clean regularly is recommended. Shimmer inks work better with medium or broader nibs. Remember to give your ink bottle a good shake (with the lid closed!) before filling your pen.

Ferris Wheel Press FerriTales | Down the Rabbit Hole - Queen and Castle:This simply stunning shimmering ink from Ferris Wheel Press offers up yellow-green writing with a luxurious rose gold shimmer. It also dries fairly quickly, which is often a bonus. Use with a broad or flex nib for best results.

Jacques Herbin 1798 Collection:The inks in this collection have tiny silvery particles that add a sheen and a shimmer to your writing. Each colour is meant to resemble a gemstone, so you’re guaranteed to have rich colours, no matter which edition you choose. These inks are also great for shading.

  1. Permanent Inks

Unlike most inks which are water soluble and, therefore, washed away or smudge if they encounter water, permanent inks are much more resilient. They are great for signing official documents or the rare check. There are varying levels of ‘water proofness’ though and some permanent fountain pen inks may smudge, although the writing will still remain legible in case of an accidental water spill.

Noodler's Ink Gold & Limonite:Made from cellulose-reactive dyes that are resistant to water, bleach, and other solvents, as well as UV radiation, this ink binds with paper to make it ‘permanent’.

Platinum Carbon Ink:Made from carbon, this ink has great water resistance, and isn’t affected by light or heat either. However, since it’s pigment-based, it can clog your pen if left in there to dry out. We recommend you use it once you are comfortable with fountain pens and their maintenance.

Blesket Canada has a wide range of fountain pen inks to suit every taste and pen. Shop them online or visit us in our brick-and-mortar store in Brampton, Ontario. 

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