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Van Dieman's Inks

October 01, 2022 2 min read

Van Dieman's Inks. Fountain pen inks

Van Dieman's inks are made in Australia by a small family business in Launceston, Tasmania. They design and mix their own bottles of fountain pen and shimmering inks.

The high-quality fountain pen inks have been tested for viscosity and flow quality and are suitable for all major brands of fountain pens, and are also suitable for dip pens and brushwork. 
They have different series from The Original Colours of Tasmania, The Midnight, The wilderness, The Tassie Collection, The Underwater and the Harvest collection. 

The Night collection are created by hand every single ink from 99% Australian sourced ingredients, and sourcing some new and very expensive ingredients not used before. Van Dieman's have utilized higher quality shimmers that flow better, distribute more evenly, adhere more effectively and, in one particular ink, are iridescent. They have also used some new dyes that produce some incredible sheening effects and some interesting chromatography.

Tassie Seasons is a mix of dark and light, warm and cool, every-day writing worthy and artistically minded colours, including two shimmer inks.

Wilderness Series is ten fountain pen inks inspired by the majestic, beautiful and ofttimes humbling wonders that await in the Tasmanian wilds. This was created to encapsulate the natural colours of the awe-inspiring and untouched southern land. 

Tasmania is the only state in Australia with a truly temperate climate. Winter exhibits colourful festivals in the south, generous snowfalls in the central highlands, and foggy days in Launceston from July through to September. Cool and breezy spring days unveil a kaleidoscope of native flowers, vibrantly plumed birds and stunning butterflies. An abundance of local produce arrives in the summer, to be enjoyed with a day at the many beaches, and followed by the ominous summer storm. In Autumn enjoy late seasons figs and pepperberries and marvel at Australia's only native deciduous tree at the turning of the fagus.

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