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LAMY Writing instruments are made in Germany. The high-quality writing instruments are well known for their excellent design and high level of comfort. With all models Lamy Safari, Lamy Al Star, Lamy Swift, Lamy PICO, Lamy Studio, Lamy CP1, Lamy Aion, LAMY 2000 and Lamy Dialog 3, all are known for their timeless designs.

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Lamy is a brand that was founded in Heidelberg, Germany in 1930. LAMY offers high-quality, beautifully designed writing instruments with a timeless modern aesthetic and perfect functionality. If you are looking for LAMY Pens near Toronto, we are located at 284 Orenda Road, Unit #5 in Brampton. We offer Great Prices forLAMY Pens Online in Canada and at our Brick-and-mortar store in Brampton.

What is Lamy, and what makes it unique among fountain pen brands?

The LAMY 2000 fountain pen has been making design history since 1966. As a timeless classic, it remains one of the most innovative writing implements in existence today. The pen features a hooded rhodium-plated 14k gold nib and uses a piston-filling mechanism.

TheLamy Safari and the derivedLamy AL-star and Lamy Vistafountain pens are all cartridge/converter filled and are intended for students/young writers, but every age group loves theSafari pens. The pens are mainly made of ABS plastic.

TheLamy Safari pens variety was first released in the 1980s and is still firmly preferred today! Lamy Safari pens introduce new colours every year, but the general design stays the same, why mess with perfection?  

All instruments from Lamy for learning to write have grips with age-appropriate ergonomics.

Writing with a fountain pen promotes the capacity for coordination and concentration

Lamy pens are produced in Germany on the company site in Heidelberg, in accordance with the highest quality standards Lamy Fountain pen has exceptional design and maximum writing comfort.

Lamy is known for Quality and begins right from the production of the materials and individual parts Designer fountain pens from Lamy stand out for their clear design language, excellent workmanship “made in Germany,” and high level of comfort. 

The timelessly modern form of fountain pens from Lamy makes them stylish companions for any occasion.

The brand is a favourite of architects, designers, and anyone who appreciates modern, understated design.

The Lamy Joy calligraphy is ideal for the perfect expression of personality and individuality. Lamy CP1 is a Sleek cylindric writing instrument with a spring-loaded strip-steel clip. Lamy Safari is practical, durable, and priced for everyday use Over 30 years after the Safari was launched, it still looks as funky, fresh and fun as the day it was designed

The Converter is sold separately at an affordable price.

LAMY Safari pens are popular, but the Lamy Safari Charcoal (also sometimes called "Umbra") features a lightly textured matte black finish and is one of thebest-selling Lamy pens.

LAMY Safari /All-Star fountain pens may appear with ink residue on the nib. This is from being dip-tested at the LAMY factory as a quality control process.