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Graf von Faber Castell Magnum Fountain Pen


The Graf Von Faber Castell Magnum Fountain Pen promises one thing above all - writing comfort at the highest level. 

With its dynamic silhouette, the Magnum series sets completely new visual accents. And yet, even with this innovation, the Collection remains true to its core competence: the combination of the finest natural materials and elaborate craftsmanship. The barrel of the writing instruments is made of Caucasian walnut. The deep brown surface is as beautiful as it is timeless. The natural differences in colour and structure of the wood make each writing instrument unique.

The new Magnum stands out due to its changed design language. A round cap shape and a black inlay with the count's coat of arms at the end of the cap characterize the design of the series. The heart of the writing instruments is the barrel made of Caucasian walnut wood, which is characterized by its deep brown grain, its resilience and its velvety feel. The differences in color and structure of the precious wood manufactured in the fountain pen, rollerball pen, ballpoint pen and pencil make each pen unique.


  • Barrel made of Caucasian walnut wood
  • Black inlay with the count‘s coat of arms, surrounded by the Graf von Faber-Castell lettering
  • platinum-plated metal parts
  • Solid, spring-loaded clip
  • Handmade, magnum-sized, bicoloured 18-carat gold nib 
  • Fountain pen available in 6 different nib widths: M (medium), F (fine), EF (extra fine), B (broad), OM (left slend/medium), OB (left slend/broad)
  • Cartridge-converter system
  • Converter included
  • Overall dimension: 168mm x 16mm
  • Weight: 70g
  • Elegant, wooden gift box included