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Monteverde Monza ID (eyedropper)Fountain Pen

Crystal Clear

Monteverde Monza ID (eyedropper)Fountain Pen features a Flexi Nib. The modern, eye-catching design and adorned with chrome accents inside and out, this lightweight fountain pen is sure to please.  

The see through body shows off the pens inner workings, catching the light and allowing the ink to shine.

Comfortable in hand, this pen is suited for everyday writing, perfect for beginner fountain pen enthusiasts as well as professionals.

Beautiful demonstrator Clear, body and cap. The pen has a threaded cap that unscrews and can post at the end of the barrel of the pen.

Available colours Green, Orange, Yellow and clear.

transparent demonstrator comes as a set inclusive of

  • 2 standard internationalink cartridges
  • a converter
  • eyedropper pen
  • 2ml Ink Vials

Included in a gift box.