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Platinum #3776 Century Kanazawa Gold Leaf Fountain Pen – Ascending Dragon


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Platinum #3776 Century Kanazawa Gold Leaf Fountain pen is the second Kanazawa-haku (gold leaf) fountain pen series after Fujin Raijin (the Wind God and the Thunder God)
The painting of a dragon in the clouds by Sotatsu Tawaraya as a motif and with the combination of the traditional technique and Kanazawa Haku (golden leaf) craftworks which originates from Kanazawa is the art of pasting small pieces of gold leaf on to the barrel and with modern makie technique created this distinquished and sophisticated pen. It gives an elegant glow that reflects lights to add to the dragon.
This pen also features Platinum's Slip & Seal Mechanism of the popular 3776 Century series, which prevents ink from drying out in the pen and a 14K nib.

Nib: 14k 

Material: AS Resin, Kanasawa Gold Leaf

Size: 145.0mm(Full length) x 14.5mm(Max. diameter)

Weight: 18.9g
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