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Platinum Ink Bottle Dyestuff Classic 60ml - Citrus Black

Platinum Ink Bottle Dyestuff Classic is Water-based pigmented ink for pigment ink usable fountain pens.

Fountain pen inks that are produced using traditional methods have many times been replaced with an ink that is made by mixing dye inks due to their time-consuming production techniques. Meanwhile, Platinum Pen is currently the only company in Japan that manufactures blue black ink in a classic way. The ink color that is bright when you start writing becomes gradually black. It is also highly water resistant and suitable for permanent preservation. 
Over time, you may find some sediment deposits at the bottom of the ink bottle but the quality and performance of the ink remains the same.

  • 60ml bottle of Platinum Classic Citrus Black iron gall fountain pen ink
  • built-in reservoir for easy filling
  • Colour darkens within the first 24 hours after writing. Noticeable within an hour.