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Visconti Impressionist Starry Night Fountain Pen with Ink Set


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Visconti Impressionist Starry Night Fountain Pen with Ink Set is made of natural vegetal burnt resin with colourful variations and is inspired on Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting, "Starry Night", April-May 1888, oil on canvas. 

Van Gogh fountain pens are made from natural vegetal resin and utilizes Visconti’s eighteen-faceted design, with the many edges enhancing its vivid colours.

 name of the painting and artist are delicately engraved around the pen's ring, and each pen is packed into a unique gift box that is complemented with a canvas of the painting.

The Visconti Impressionist Col. Starry Night Fountain pen with Ink set comes with a steel nib available in widths fine, medium, and broad. It utilizes the cartridge/converter filling  system (included) for convenience and ease of use. The exclusive special package  includes:

  • Fountain Pen
  • 30ml Starry Night Ink Bottle
  • Special dedicated box
  • Oil Canvas bookmark 
  • Warranty Booklet