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The best paper for fountain pens

April 29, 2022 2 min read

The best paper for fountain pens

Choosing the correct type of paper for your writing instrument of choice is important. Not all paper is created equal, or created for the same purpose. A fountain pen and paper is a classic way to convey thoughts and ideas. With so many options to choose from for pens, inks, and paper, it is important to find the right combinations to fit your needs and wants.

When choosing paper, there are many fountain pen friendly options. Below are some of our favourite options.

Overall Paper quality


Made in France, Clairefontaine is known for its extremely high-quality 90gsm paper that can be used by all kinds of pens. Clairefontaine notebooks come in a huge selection of notebook types. From spiral to sewn bindings, to pads, there is a type of notebook from Clairefontaine that is right for you.

As a bonus, Clairefontaine’s paper is sourced from certified sustainable forests and is manufactured with care for the environment in mind.

For beginners

Everyone needs to start somewhere. While a good quality paper designed for fountain pen nibs and inks is important for writing crisp, clean lines, and to avoid bleeding and transfer, good paper does not have to mean expensive paper. Especially if you are just starting your fountain pen journey.

Rhodia stapled pads pads-A5 Lined

Since the 1930s Rhodia has been producing quality paper products. In 1997 Clairefontaine bought Rhodia. It’s not a surprise that both of these brands are on this list as, much like Clairefontaine, Rhodia’s paper quality is superb. With their smooth texture, fountain pens glide, making them perfect for both beginners and experienced fountain pen users. There is no bleedthrough or showthrough, meaning you can write on both sides of the page without worrying about legibility.

With its iconic orange or black cover and logo, the hard cardboard backing, and micro-perforated sheets are perfect for drafting things out.

For list makers: Leuchtturm1917 reporter notepad A6

Leuchtturm1917 is a stationery brand with a loyal following, and their reporter notepad is no exception. Perfect for the chronic list makers and thinkers always on the go, this A6-sized lined reporter-style notebook feels good in the hand. With a hardcover and a thread stitching binding, flipping open this pad one-handed is easy.

The expandable pocket on the back is perfect for receipts. The reporter’s pad comes with all of Leuchtturnm1917’s features including stickers for labeling and archiving, a table of contents page, an elastic closure, and 188 numbered pages.

Notebooks with a Loyal following: Rhodia Webnotebook Dotted A5 Much like Leuchtturm1917, Rhodia has its own following of creatives who refuse to use any other kind of notebook. Affectionately called “the webby '' The Rhodia Webnotebook is made with 96 pages of 90g ivory paper, which is acid-free and pH neutral. The cover is Italian leatherette, with rounded corners and the book is threat bound. These notebooks look amazing lined up on a shelf once they are used up.

A classic fixture for most writers, a notebook can come in many different shapes and sizes. Whether you are jotting down thoughts while on the bus, or taking detailed notes in class, we have a wide selection of notebooks for every occasion and need.

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