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The Best Types of Notebooks

June 28, 2022 2 min read

The Best Notebooks, Blesket Canada

Notebooks are an important piece of any stationery lover's collection. Notebooks come in many different sizes and formats. One of the most common sizes of notebooks is A5, which is a great size for writers who use notebooks for journaling, planning, note-taking or even taking lists.

When choosing a notebook, there are many different options available depending on what you want the notebook for, what type of writing instrument you will be using, and the price. Below are some of our favourite notebooks for a variety of different situations. 

The best types of notebooks for any situation

The best overall

Leuchturm1917 softcover dotted notebook A5

Perfect for any situation, Leuchtturm1917 notebooks come in many varieties. A5 is a great standard size that is easy to carry on the go and is popular for journaling, note-taking, and other forms of writing.

Leuchtturm notebooks come in a variety of colours, and in both soft and hardcovers. Notebooks come with ribbon bookmarks, a back pocket, and high-quality 80 g/m², ink-proof paper. They are thread-bound meaning that they lay flat when writing, and each page is numbered. With paper options of lined, dotted, blank, and grid, there is a Leuchtturm notebook for every writer.

The best for on the go

Field Notes 2-3-pack memo books

With options for lefties, and water and tear-proof paper, are the perfect size to slip in your pocket or bag and go on adventures. With options of dot-graph, blank, graph, or lined paper, Field Notes notebooks come in packs of two or three, with 48 pages. Perfect for jotting down notes and messages, Field Notes notebooks come in a variety of colours, and cover variations. 

Best on a budget

Rhodia side-stapled dot notebooks A4

Rhodia notebooks are very popular. Made with the same high-quality paper as Clairefontaine notebooks, these slim, side-stapled dot notebooks are premium quality. Perfect for on-the-go, the A4 size is a great size for writing in coffee shops or jotting down notes during meetings. The extra white paper with a smooth satin finish will make both ink and pencil glide on the page. 

Best for students

Clairefontaine KoverBook Wirebound lined notebook

With a selection of bright colours, quality paper, and 160 pages, Clairefontaine’s Koverbook notebooks are durable enough to withstand constant use and carry. The notebook cover is a durable plastic that doubles as bookmark flaps, and pockets. Each notebook comes with an adhesive label, making it easy to organize notes for different subjects.

Best for the collector

Clairefontaine Neo Deco “Mid-Season Collection”

These beautiful sewn spine A5 size notebooks come in 6 colourful geometric and plant patterns with gold printing. These Art Deco-inspired notebooks are made with super smooth ivory 90g/m² paper, with a cardboard cover with a matte coating. With 48 sheets, these thin notebooks will look gorgeous stacked together on your shelf. 

Best for gifting

Flying spirit aged leather journal 

The perfect gift for stationery lovers, Flying Spirit Aged Leather Journals are made with beautiful aged leather covers, and 180 lined pages of Clairefontaine brushed vellum 90gsm paper. The lambskin cover is flexible and soft to the touch, paired with high-quality smooth paper, this stitched notebook makes for a luxurious writing experience.

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