Larger than A4, it can hold loose sheets between the pages and in the expandable pocket without the edges protruding. The Master Classic notebook has 233 non-bleeding, acid-free 100 g/m2 pages. This means that our Master Classic notebook is an indispensable treasure for all notebook-lovers. Choose between red and black covers and our 4 rulings (ruled, squared, dotted or plain). Product Details:    •233 numbered pages•8 perforated and detachable sheets•Gusseted pocket for A4 sheets•Blank table of contents and numbered pages•Page marker•Elastic enclosure band•Thread-bound book opens flat•Ink-proof paper (100 g/sqm)•Sticker for labelling and archiving•Dimensions: 225 x 315 mm
The classic: Master notebook. Larger than A4, it can hold loose sheets between the pages and in the expandable pocket without the edges protruding. The Master Classic notebook has 233 non-bleeding, acid-free 100 g/m2 pages. This means that our Master Classic notebook is an indispensable treasure for all notebook-lovers. Choose between red and black covers and our 4 rulings (ruled, squared, dotted or plain). Product Details:    •233 numbered pages•8 perforated and detachable sheets•Gusseted pocket for A4 sheets•Blank table of contents and numbered pages•Page marker•Elastic enclosure band•Thread-bound book opens flat•Ink-proof paper (100 g/sqm)•Sticker for labelling and archiving•Dimensions: 225 x 315 mm
Our Pocket notebooks (A6) have 80 g/m² paper and 185 numbered pages. They come in a handy size which will fit in any bag. You can choose the perfect notebook from a choice of 17 different colors.Product Details:     185 numbered pages 8 perforated and detachable sheets Gusseted pocket Blank table of contents and numbered pages Page marker Elastic enclosure band The thread-bound book opens flat Ink-proof paper (80 g/sqm) Sticker for labeling and archiving Dimensions: 90 x 150 mm
Our self-adhesive pen-holder made from sturdy elastic. Whether a pencil, fountain pen or wax crayon, the Pen Loop is suitable for any size of pen. The self-adhesive loop is simply affixed to the inside back cover. So you can carry your favorite pen with your notebook at all times. Product Details: Self-adhesive Size: 40 x 40 mm 15 mm elastic loop
The LEUCHTTURM1917 daily planner has a page for each day. In order to keep the daily planner compact, Saturdays and Sundays share a page.  Product Details   •249 numbered pages•8 perforated and detachable sheets•Gusseted pocket•Blank table of contents and numbered pages•2 Page markers•Elastic enclosure band•Thread-bound book opens flat•Ink-proof paper (80 g/sqm)•Sticker for labelling and archiving•Dimensions: 145 x 210 mm
Product Details NEW! Our all-time favorite Weekly Planner is  now available as a Softcover too – in Medium and Pocket format. One week is presented on a double-page to provide you with a perfect overview along with enough space to enter all your appointments.• 12 months weekly planner• Overview for 2020, 2021 and 2022• Year planner 01.2021 – 12.2022• Phases of the moon and international holidays• Project planner• Expandable pocket• Detachable pages for notes• 2 Bookmarks• Self-adhesive labels for archiving• 80 g/m² acid-free paper• High ink compatibility
NEW! Our all-time favorite Weekly Planner is  now available as a Softcover too – in Medium and Pocket format. One week is presented on a double-page to provide you with a perfect overview along with enough space to enter all your appointments.Product Details• 12 months weekly planner• Overview for 2020, 2021 and 2022• Year planner 01.2021 – 12.2022• Phases of the moon and international holidays• Project planner• Expandable pocket• Detachable pages for notes• 2 Bookmarks• Self-adhesive labels for archiving• 80 g/m² acid-free paper• High ink compatibility
Product Details MEDIUM (A5) squared taupe 251 numbered pages Hardcover page marker Elastic band fastener

Leuchtturm1917 notebooks feature superior-quality acid-free paper which takes all types of pens, including fountain pen ink, extremely well.  They have thread-bound pages; page numbering; contents pages; detachable pages, ribbon page markers; elastic enclosures; spine and cover labels for filing; and a choice of hard or soft covers.  Most also have a choice of ruled, squared, dotted or plain paper.  A superb quality notebook in a choice of size and formats.

A notebook is individual, efficient, emotional, romantic, conservative and trendy, all at once. A notebook is what its owner makes of it. Everyone needs a notebook. It holds memories and helps to keep targets firmly in our sights. A notebook is taken everywhere and has a high sentimental value. Nobody would carelessly discard a notebook filled with thoughts and ideas.

Leuchtturm1917 paper notebooks, bullet journals, notepads are perfect at home, work or school.

Blesket Canada offers Leuchtturm1917  Hardcover Notebooks, Softcover, Sketchbook, Bullet Journals, Jottbooks,  Notepads and Pen loops.

Blesket Canada offers Leuchtturm Planners: Daily Planners, Weekly Planners and Monthly Planners.