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Made in South Korea, Wearingeul's best-selling ink is used by many creatives, calligraphy lovers and fountain pen writers as the tool for their work. Wearingeul describes their process as creating "invisible artworks," infusing their fresh, modern style into classic, well-loved works of literature such as Alice in Wonder Land, Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, the works of Shakespeare, and more. The unique blend of art and functionality in Wearingeul's inks sets them apart in the fountain pen ink market.

Wearingeul Glitter Potions

Designed to work with any matte ink, Glitter Potions are concentrated vials of glitter that can be mixed with a small amount of ink to create genuinely dazzling custom inks.

Wearingeul inks have gained immense popularity among fountain pen enthusiasts. Known for their vibrant colours, smooth flow, quick-drying formula, and matte and glitter inks, Wearingeul inks have become the go-to choice for many pen enthusiasts.

Wearingeul Accessories

Wearingeul's accessory line includes high-quality paper stationery, calligraphy pen sets, notebooks,the most popular ink swatch cards, and more.

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Wearingeul is a stationery brand with literature works. They reimagine and recreate literature through modern design, with an emphasis on 'stationery'. Popular titles from around the world, including masterpieces, fairy tales, and legends, have been given a unique and synthetically inspired makeover. 

Wearingeul not only adds color, but sound, taste, and even fragrance to each work, enabling total immersion in its narrative and emotion.

The inks and made in South Korea.

Visualize the Invisible.