Ballpoint Pens

If high-qualityballpoint pens are what you are looking for, then Blesket Canada is your one-stop solution.

We house the top brands on the market to offer a diverse product line that suits all price ranges. Similarly, we have numerous options when it comes to choosing the perfect width (broad, medium, or ultra-fine).

All you have to do is visit our website and use the filter option to shop from your desired brand. Or, walk into our physical store and take a pick today!

Why Go For Our Ballpoint Pens?

Before we tell you about the types of pens we offer, let us quickly explain why a ballpoint pen can become your go-to accessory for business promotions. 

Also called “biro” or “ball pens,” ourballpoint pens are among the most easily found and affordable options out there. Hence, businesses around the world today use them to create customized promotional accessories by simply putting their logo or name. 

And the primary advantage of our target pens over the traditional varieties, like gel pens or fountain pens, lies in the ease of use. For the unversed, the ballpoint pen works by distributing ink evenly over the fine metal ball (or tip), usually made from metals like brass, steel, or even tungsten carbide. 

This makes it the perfect pen for graphics or art designing, as well as for fast writing and taking notes. In fact, our bestballpoint pens successfully prevent ink bleeding and smudging. Hence, they can be used conveniently by both right and left-handers.

Another thing to know here is that while mostballpoint pens are made of plastic, you can also opt for our range of pens made from wood or metal or even customize the material and styles according to your needs. 

On that note, here are some of the best pens you can check out on our website:

1. Faber-Castell Poly Ball ballpoint pens

If you’re on the hunt for something basic, then this unit from Faber-Castell is the one for you. Itsits comfortably in the hand, suitable for writing longer texts because of its material and shape.

The triangular ribbed grip section provides fatigue-free writing. 

TheMatt finish with a velvety touch, chromed nose, clip and push-button create a nice-looking pen. The Ballpoint pens come loaded with a document-proof standard large capacity blue refill Xtra Bold. The Faber-Castell refill is Parker Style and is also available in different colours.

2. Faber-Castell Grip 2011 Ballpoint Pen

There is joy in using a pen that gives a pleasant writing experience. The Grip 2011 Ballpoint pen gives you hours of tireless writing thanks to the ergonomic triangular shape and ideal, balanced weight. The Ballpoint is safe for pockets due to the push button mechanism.

The characteristic dots on the Ballpoint pen match the shaft in color. Grip 2011 concept clearly convinces with its appealing grip design in classic colours including pastel colours.

3. Field Notes Clic Pen 6 Pack

This pack of 6 click pens is ideal for kids and adults to grab and write on the go. They have smooth plastic bodies that facilitate easy grip as well as convenient storage. 

4. Black Titanium Nitride Coated Bullet

Rightfully named after the titanium nitride coating, this brass pen can be used to write at almost any angle and in weather conditions, thanks to the pressurized fisher space pen refill. The best part? Its design is inspired by the pens that NASA uses in space!