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A Style to Remember, A Style for Creativity

The Penlux brand of writing instruments produces high-quality fountain pens from Taiwan.

The PENLUX company uses skilled craftsmen to create precision writing instruments made from materials such as acetate, cotton resin, silver and mother of pearl.

Penlux Pens production base is located in Central Taiwan. From mold development, material development, pen tube proofing, and turning, all are done by professional technicians in the factory, with a self-made rate of 80%. PENLUX is committed to a small number of diverse semi-manual and semi-automatic manufacturing modes. Each PENLUX writing instrument keep the temperature of hand-made, and at the same time have the precision of automatic production.

Known for the Masterpiece Grande Pens, they look Simple, yet elegant design is the concept behind the PENLUX Master Grande collection

PENLUX  sole purpose is their dedication to quality.