Rollerball Pens

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Product Details Sturdy plastic Metal clip Ergonomic grip Refill LAMY M 63 M blue, washable
Product Details Aluminium, graphite metallic anodized Metal clip Ergonomic plastic grip Refill LAMY M 63 M black
Product Details Non-fade plastic, transparent Metal clip Ergonomic grip Refill LAMY M 63 M blue
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Product Details Capless rollerball pen Retractable clip Refill LAMY M 66 B blue  
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Product Details 2000 Rollerball Available in Makrolon Black with Stainless steel & Matte Metal Refill LAMY M 63 M...
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Rollerball Pens

Rollerball pen in Canada

Rollerball pen is very similar to ball pen except for the ink is water-based and not oil-based. Being water-based, the ink has some facilities like; it provides dark and sharp line. Rollerball pens Canada have a smaller tip so it creates very thin lines. Generally, business professionals prefer rollerball pens because they provide the service of a fountain pen and at the same time they are comfortable like the ball pen. Rollerball pens have one disadvantage its ink is water-based so if you turn them upside down for a long time then the ink will be exposed from the pen. This type of pen is considered to be the most stylish pen in Canada.

The mechanism of a rollerball pen Canada is as same as other ball point pens only here the ink is oil-based instead of water-based. Because of this, the flow of the ink is more swift and fluid and also the ink has a tendency to blot. Also the ink being water based takes a longer time to dry so that it has a risk to get smudged or smeared when applied on the surface.

Overall, these rollerball pens are appropriate used for promotional presents, commercial Gifts; trade Fairs and Exhibitions, employees promotional and recognition as well as so much more. Those parker pens works extremely well on all occasions you can imagine and it is very beneficial all year round. Therefore, decide upon various good parker pens and gift these parker pens to your truehearted commercial partnerships.


Rollerballs are considered a higher quality pen and the next best thing to the fountain pen.

Roller ball pens use the same mechanism as a ballpoint but have a water or gel-based liquid ink rather than an oil-based ink found in the ballpoint pen.

The tip at the end of the rollerball pen is a very small ball that rolls as you write on paper.

Ballpoint refills

LAMY ballpoint pen refills are waterproof in all colours and sizes: M 16, M 21and M22


Rollerball refills

Rollerball refill ink gives your writing a sharp smooth style.

Ink flows smoothly for a darker, richer mark on paper. Less hand strain