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An Australian pen maker, Robert Oster has been in the pen industry since the late 1950s. Started by Robert Oster himself, the brand has grown on to become one of the biggest names in pen industry.

They are the manufacturers of fountain pens, inks and ink bottles. All the products offered by Robert Oster are completely environment friendly and sustainable. Their ink bottles are made from PET plastic made from recycled chemical waste giving a much more harmless second life to the plastic.

The inks offered by Robert Oster are completely non-toxic free from any chemical or metallic toxins and if you have any concerns regarding animal cruelty, they make sure that all their inks are totally vegan-friendly and do not contain any animal byproducts.

Store ink in a cool, dry place and use only sterile nibs or dip pens if using direct from a bottle. Keep lid closed tightly between use.