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Esterbrook Fountain Pens

With a long success story of making quality pens, fountain pens, and writing and desk accessories, Esterbrook has long been integral to many pen collector's collections.

The History of The Esterbrook Company

A true American original, Esterbrook was established in 1858 by Richard Esterbrook in Camden, New Jersey. Established under the company name Esterbrook Pen Company, at its height, Esterbrook was the largest pen manufacturer in the United States.

Esterbrook pens have been used by notable historical figures

Easterbrook pens have helped create much of America's history. U.S. Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon B. Johnson signed legislation with their personal Esterbrook pens. John F. Kennedy signed documents that promised to land a man on the moon and bring him safely back to Earth with his Esterbrook pen.

The Esterbrook Estie

A beautiful fountain pen, the Esterbrook Estie comes in a variety of vintage-inspired colour combinations and styles. A pen collection based on nature, Esterbrook Estie pens come in colour combinations such as "Botanical Gardens," "Petrified Forest," and "Rain Forest." The Estie is a luxury pen that is perfect for anyone building up a fresh new pen collection and serious fountain pen collectors.

Esterbrook fountain pens at Blesket

Blesket Canada has a curated selection of Esterbrook fountain pens, page holders and clips, and other writing and desk accessories. In modern times, Esterbrook stands for what it always has: entrepreneurial spirit, serious work, outstanding quality at a great value, and creative designs that made the original Esterbrook brand an American icon and global player.

Shop Esterbrook products at Blesket Canada

Blesket Canada has a selection of products from Esterbrook that will ensure you are writing with style. With vintage-inspired pen cases and holders, page clips, blotting papers, and more, Esterbrook pens have stood the test of time and continue to be a respected, popular brand in the fountain pen world.