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Octopus Fluids is a European ink manufacturer based in Dresden, Germany. 

The company began producing inks under its own name in 2011 but has roots going back to the 19th century.  Its Classic Line of fountain pen inks contains 22 colours of 30mL ink and 6 delicate pastel shades.

Octopus develops fountain pen inks in a wide range of colours that emphasize the special nature of your handwriting. Whether as a signature under a contract, congratulations on a greeting card, a note in a diary or a small drawing in a bullet journal - with Octopus fountain pen inks, your handwriting will also stand out in terms of colour and convey your personal touch.

The special feature of Octopus writing inks is their very good writing behaviour even after the fountain pen has not been used for a long time. They do not dry out in the writing instrument and flow through the nib with the first stroke. On paper, on the other hand, they dry so quickly that they can hardly be smudged. Their strokes are pleasantly soft. In addition, these writing inks have very little fraying on the paper and very pleasant shading at the end of the stroke. You too can enjoy writing with a fountain pen and the finest German-made ink.

  • High quality
  • Best for fountain pens, dip pens and calligraphy
  • 30ml