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Fountain Pens

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There's nothing quite like writing by hand, the slow steady outpouring of ink to paper, the ability to let the ideas flow, and the chance to see what you’ve been keeping inside. A well-crafted fountain pen can serve as an extension of yourself, allowing you to spill your thoughts and expressions onto the page and experience a burst of inspiration.

A fountain pen is an evolved version of a traditional dip pen due to its ink reservoir which allows for user ease and fewer interruptions to the creative flow. Blesket Canada has compiled the best brands with the most exceptional products of luxury and affordable fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, and inks. Shop the collection here, and start creating your calligraphy, professional artwork, design, or written word masterpiece.

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A fountain pen is a modified version of the traditional dip pen. Fountain pen contains reservoir where one has to insert ink into it and then while writing ink is drawn from the reservoir and gets deposited on the paper where you are writing. Filling ink can be done in a number of ways like by a dropper or a syringe or through a process of suction. Fountain pens are not only used for writing but also for other purposes like calligraphy, professional artwork, designing, etc.

Fountain pens may give you the finest writing experience especially from Japanese Fountain pen, German Fountain Pen, Italian Fountain Pen which are some of best fountain pen but these require absolute care and maintenance.

Fountain pens use a gold, steel or black and other material nib, which disperses water based ink. They may use ink by using a converter also known as a draw that you dip in bottled ink.

Cleaning the fountain pen

First of all the barrel needs to be unscrewed from the nib section. After this, you need to clean the nib by rinsing it with water. The process needs to be repeated until it is done. The cartridge then needs to be soaked overnight in room temperature water. The nibs should be then dipped in water for 10 to 15 minutes and then dried off with bloating paper.

Using the fountain pen

One of the important things that should be kept in mind while using a fountain pen is that never press it hard while writing. This can destroy the nib as well also end up in leakage.

Storage of the fountain pen

When you do not use your fountain pen for a long time, always empty the reservoir filled with ink. Wash it off and keep it aside. If possible, try to keep the pen in a vertical position. This will prevent the nib from clogging with ink.

Even in this modern era, the usage of fountain pens has not declined. In fact, the sales are rising. People still are fond of the traditional culture and appeal of the fountain pens.