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Wooden lead pencils are a thing of the past, as nobody has got the time to sharpen them every time there’s lead breakage.

Andmechanical pencils are now the talk of the town because of their handy and efficient features. So, say goodbye to constant sharpening as we at Blesket Canada offer innovative pencils that simply need a lead replacement and a tap to get you going! 

Why Choose Mechanical Pencils?

Invented by the master Slavoljub Eduard Penkala,mechanical pencils or “lead holder pencils” consist of a replaceable inner solid core that isn’t attached to the outer body. And our range of stylish and sturdy pencils are pretty convenient to use, making them a hit among students. Here, we have discussed some of their major benefits for your discretion:

1. Uniform Line Width

Wooden pencils have a sharp tip only when they are freshly sharpened but ourmechanical pencilswork differently. They maintain a uniform line width and don’t get thicker or blunt with use.

2. Well-Balanced

As the length of a wooden pencil reduces with sharpening, its balance also changes, affecting your handwriting. But that’s not the case with the mechanical pencil you buy from us as its length remains the same all the time.

3. Can Be Refilled

Once the lead is used, you can simply insert a new one and keep using the same mechanical pencil, as opposed to buying a new wooden one. This makes shopping from us a more economical and eco-friendly option.

Why Choose Blesket Canada?

Blesket Canada is heaven for stationery addicts and art nerds, as we have a wide variety of exclusive supplies. Be it unique fountain pens or ballpoints, you’ll get it all, but we are especially proud of our collection of the bestmechanical pencils

That said, here are the best ones you can find on our website:

1. Kaweco Sport Clutch Pencil

If the regular slim pencils don’t fit in your grip, the Kaweco Sport pencil is for you. It has a big circumference and a thick body that will fit right in your hand and won’t slip off. Available in unique colours like Bordeaux and Chess, it has a 3.2 mm line width and 5B hardness. Thus, all your hatched and cross-hatched strokes will come to life with this mechanical pencil. 

2. Faber-Castell TK Fine Vario

Those who don’t want to restrict their masterpieces to only one point size will love the TK Fine Vario, as it comes in 4 line width options. You can either choose from 0.35mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, and 1.0mm or simply get them all because, as they say, there are no limits in art. Moreover, it comes with an integrated eraser, so no more hunting for that lost eraser. 

3. Kaweco Sketch Up Clutch Pencil

Made in Germany, the Kaweco Sketch Up is high on both looks and utility. It has a metallic body crafted from premium quality aluminum or brass and is available in Brilliant, Satin Chrome, brass, and black colours. All in all, it looks elegant and is perfect for thick sketching, drawing or line work with its 5.6 mm lead.