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The Clairefontaine Paper Company has been making paper goods for over 150 years. All of Clairefontaine's paper products are made in France, including their extensive line of papiers. The makers of the first school notebooks in France, Clairefontaine stationery goods, are famous worldwide for their superior quality. Clairefontaine has an extensive product line, including notebooks, paper stationery, notebooks and paper pads, diaries, planners, and agendas. From making a list to jotting down a daily diary entry, Clairefontaine has a product for any occasion.

Premium Notebooks

Known for their high-quality paper, Clairefontaine notebooks are known for their silky smooth texture. From pencils to fountain pens, their paper will ensure that your writing on the page will pop. All Clairefontaine paper is acid-free and sourced from PEFC-certified forests. Clairefontaine is a great option for anyone environmentally conscious.

High-Quality Paper Products Made in France

Clairefontaine notebooks are a symbol of premium quality and exquisite craftsmanship, proudly made in France. Renowned for their smooth, fountain pen-friendly paper and durable covers, Clairefontaine notebooks have garnered a loyal following among stationery enthusiasts worldwide. The meticulous attention to detail in their production process ensures that each notebook is a work of art, designed to inspire creativity and enhance the writing experience. With a rich heritage dating back to 1858, Clairefontaine continues to set the standard for luxury notebooks that are both practical and elegant, making them a timeless choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Clairefontaine Canada

Blesket is very pleased to have an extensive collection of Clairefontaine products. From small, easy-to-carry index books that will store all your information from A-Z to clothbound notebooks to wirebound schoolbooks, Clairefontaine's collection of stationery products has been helping students, professionals, and artists alike create inspiring content since 1858.

Notebooks in Every Colour

The My Essential Notebooks from Clairefontaine are fountain pen friendly and come with colored pages and all the smart organizational features you need. The A5-size notebooks have ribbon bookmarks, page numbers, and a blank index page to keep you organized, making them great for school, work, fine arts, calligraphy, and life in general.

A Notebook for Every Need

Clairefontaine, a renowned stationery brand, offers a diverse range of products to cater to various needs. In addition to their staple-bound and wire-bound notebooks, they also provide beautifully crafted diaries for organizing daily schedules, address books for keeping contacts handy, and music notebooks for musicians and composers. Their school diaries are designed to help students stay organized throughout the academic year. Moreover, Clairefontaine's collection extends to office accessories that combine functionality with elegance, such as pens, desk organizers, and folders. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Clairefontaine continues to be a preferred choice for stationery enthusiasts worldwide.

Why is Clairefontaine paper considered high-quality?

Clairefontaine paper is considered high-quality due to its exceptional smoothness, ink resistance, and durability. It is known for its ability to handle various writing instruments without feathering or bleeding through, making it a preferred choice for artists, writers, and students alike.

What sets Clairefontaine notebooks apart from other brands regarding paper quality and durability?

Clairefontaine notebooks are known for their exceptional paper quality and durability compared to other brands. The paper used in Clairefontaine notebooks is high-quality, ultra-smooth, and fountain pen friendly, making it a favourite among writers and artists who value the writing experience. The paper is also resistant to ink bleeding and feathering, ensuring that your writing stays crisp and clear. Clairefontaine notebooks are also made with robust covers and binding, contributing to their overall durability and longevity. What sets Clairefontaine notebooks apart from other brands, however, is their use of Pastelmat paper. This unique type of paper offers a coarser surface than velour but a softer surface than sandpaper, making it the perfect choice for pastel artists. Available in 8 colours, Pastelmat paper provides a variety of options for every kind of subject with dry pastels. Additionally, in the pads, each sheet is protected by a crystal paper divider, ensuring that your artwork remains safe and secure. Clairefontaine notebooks are an excellent choice if you appreciate premium paper quality and want a notebook that can withstand frequent use.