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The Perfect Gift for Writers this Christmas

October 07, 2021 4 min read

The Perfect Gift for Writers this Christmas

A shoddy workman blames his tools, but every workman admires craftsmanship. If you’re writing out your Christmas list – we suggest using a fountain pen for extra inspiration – and are wondering what to get for each person, we have a suggestion for you. Everyone has a writer in their lives, and what more could any great writer, budding or otherwise, want for Christmas than an exquisitely crafted new writing tool?

With oodles of choices out there, choosing the perfect fountain pen to gift this Christmas can be difficult. We’ve done the work, so you don’t have to. Check out these absolutely fabulous fountain pens for perfect gift for this year’s festivities.

Whether your budding writer needs a boost of confidence or your seasoned writer needs help finding their inner Shakespeare, each of these pens is meant to inspire.

  1. Lamy -

The Lamy fountain pens range offer excellent German workmanship and quality. Neatly stylistic combined with the comfort needed to bring the best out of your handwriting, these pens come with both gold and stainless-steel nibs. Lamy’s fountain pen range is vast, there’s something special for everyone - be it a student or a seasoned author. The Lamy 2000 is one of their flagship classic designs active since 1966. The Lamy Dialog on the other hand has a beautiful round design and features such as retractable 14 carat gold nib and doesn’t need or have a cap! Head toLamy’s range of fountain pens and pick a gold or platinum-coated fountain pen for an indulgent Christmas gift.

  1. Kaweco

A company that's been at it since 1883 has got to have it all down! Kaweco has a range of fountain pens in various classy colours - from vibrant pink to an amazing olive green - that will make an impression, whether it’s on the table or in a jacket pocket. If the incredible range of body colours isn’t enough, they also give you 10 colours of ink to choose from, that are available traditional ink bottles or ink cartridges. Nibs in different sizes make them perfect for drawing and calligraphy too. Find the Kaweco pen that matches your loved-one’s stylehere.

  1. Platinum:

Looking for something that looks intricate and stylish? The Japanese Pen Makers Platinum might be your style. From thePlatinum #3776 century Fountain pen, to the Platinum retractable Curidas and the everyday Prefounte pens, this brand has designs that will catch anyone's eye! Combine an elegant fountain pen, with ink bottle or cartridges with a Desk Pen Stand fora writing set that any writer will want to show off.

  1. TWSBI:

These Chinese Pen makers offer high quality pens made with technologies they've refined over many decades. The fountain pens have unique visual peculiarities that are instant conversation starters.  Many of the pens have completely clear bodies that display the ink stored in them. They also have others that are available in great looking solid colours - from burgundy to sapphire. Not sure which one to pick? You can’t go worn with the ever-elegant classic white! Check out the whole range of TWSBI's penshere.

  1. Faber-Castell

Offering a wide range of fountain pens with various nib sizes, Faber-Castell pens focus on writing comfort and are well balanced pens. These come in various sizes of body width and there’s definitely one for every hand size. Look out for the unusual contours on the stunning Ondoro Smoked Oak Fountain Pen meant to entice one to put thoughts and ideas to paper, as well as the slim writing Faber-Castell Hexo Pens that lets ideas grow. Find Faber-Castell’s range of pens that are designed to suit every budgethere.

  1. Pilot Pen

Pen pioneers Pilot offer variousfountain pens in every price range. With factories manufacturing pens all over the globe, Pilot has a reputation for amazing quality for everyday writing convenience. Of the large collection to browse and choose from, indulge in the stunning  Metropolitan Pen.

  1. Sailor Pen

110-year-old Japanese pen maker Sailor has a wide range of eye-catching stylish pens that offer a quality writing experience. With names like Shikiori Princess Kaguya and Pirate’s Life with 14kt gold nibs, they are designed to inspire. Their ‘Professional Gear’ series has various colours, designs and body thickness to choose from as well. Explore our range ofSailor Pens and pick a fountain pen perfect for your particular writer.

If you’re having a hard time choosing the perfect Gift pen for that important Christmas present, our friendly assistants (and fountain pen aficionados) at Blesket Canada, 20 minutes from Downtown Toronto will be happy to help.  If you cant make it here, you can browse products on our online store. We offer Free Canada Post ground shipping/expedited domestic purchases over $39.99 (before taxes) in Ontario and Quebec and ship all over Canada and the U.S.

               Bonus Gift Idea:

 What is the perfect pen with out the perfect notebook to accompany it? TheLeuchtturm1917 notebook has been around for over 90 years and for good reason. The quality of this notebook will keep all your ideas, lists and journaling protected in its hardback cover. Let your ideas come to life in this top of the line journal.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call, reach out on social media, or send us an email!

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